Living In Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a city on the sea. With its own unique government and services, this stunning area of South Florida has a unique ocean feel. As a barrier island, homes at his locale have panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as views of Biscayne Bay. Goverment Cut, Surfside, the Venetian Islands, Star, Hibiscus, and Palm Islands, even the Sunset Islands are all a part of Miami Beach. With so many luxury condos in one area, it is no wonder why Miami Beach has become the world's center for high end living.

Miami Beach is designed for pedestrian traffic and offers an incredibly walkable area that claims the Lincoln Road shopping district, Frank Gehry's New World Symphony, a variety of museums, and the famous Epicure market. Throw in things like Art Basel Miami Beach (the premier annual art fair in the country) and Miami Beach Cinematheque, and Miami Beach offers culture, shopping, and entertainment just a short walk away.

There is quite a bit to say about the man-made beauty of Miami Beach, but it is the nature that draws in individuals from around the globe. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden, created and landscaped by Raymond Jungles, is a perfect example of all that Florida's beauty has to offer. But Miami Beach doesn't stop there. With Miami Beach Golf Club, private beach clubs, and a variety of parks like Flamingo Park, it would be impossible for condo owners to ever find themselves out of things to do.

Miami Beach is also known for its cuisine. Internationally awarded restaurants and high end nightclubs line the streets of Miami Beach. Miami Beach is the face of South Florida life and luxury real estate.